Wöhler Snap & Sweep® Soft

Professional Set "Ventilation"
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Wöhler Snap & Sweep® Soft

With Wöhler Snap & Sweep you can clean ventilation systems quickly and thoroughly without the help of a second person. Various cleaning attachments are available for the cleaning system, which are attached to the rod with a click. This way you are optimally equipped for the situation on site. The rodes are robust but flexible and therefore perfectly suited for working in the ventilation pipe. With your cordless screwdriver or drill, you can then rotate the rods together with the brush to guarantee powerful cleaning. Even heavy dust deposits can be removed thoroughly. When you push the cleaning attachment up, you can attach further rods in seconds, so that you only work with the rod length you need. The Wöhler Snap & Sweep carrier bag ensures clean transport. It is spread out to the ceiling and becomes a support for your stored equipment while you work. This keeps your working area clean. Professionalism that impresses the customer

Wöhler sweeping rods with snap-in quick connectors for connecting a cleaning attachment on one side and for connecting another rod or a cordless screwdriver on the other side.

Brushes in different sizes with snap-in quick connector for cleaning stainless steel and plastic vents. 

Carrying bag for clean transportation of sweeping rods. Fully unrolled, the bag serves as a protection pad for storing tools during work.

Universal rotary head with snap-in quick connectors, for quick pick-up of chains or nylon wires. This allows you to be perfectly equipped for all requirements on site.

Nylon wires for cleaning in sensitive ventilation systems. Simply thread into the universal rotary head.

Drill adaptor for connecting the cleaning rods to a cordless screwdriver or drill.

Protection bag for cleaning attachments for clean transport and storage of the cleaning attachments.

All properties

By rotation



With brush and nylon wire


You do it all by yourself


For quick handling

Rotating power sweeping

Driven by cordless screwdriver or drill

Perfect rod length

For every job requirement

Carrying bag

Comfortable and clean transportation

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