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Wöhler VIS 700

30 m - HD Video Inspection System
Order no. 7450

Wöhler VIS 700

The Wöhler VIS 700 offers precisely what professionals have been waiting for: Razor sharp images in HD quality, a focus function for focusing precisely on the object requiring attention, and practical control of the pan&tilt camera head by means of a joystick. Ideal conditions for the inspection of waste water pipes, fl ue gas and ventilation lines as well as NDT applications.
HD Inspektionskamera Video
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[Translate to International:] A high resolution monitor provide an absolutely clear image.
Fully digital camera system

A new digital high-resolution sensor assures amazingly sharp images. With the Wohler VIS 700, professionals are able to plan their maintenance services on the basis of clearly visible facts. The displayed level indication ensures you to keep orientation in the pipe. The camera display shows the camera head position and angle for ease of navigation. The home function allows you to realign the camera head straight forward when needed. HD images are displayed for you on the brilliant, touch screen high-resolution monitor. The Wöhler VIS 700 inspection camera is designed to transmit live video data to smart devices via Wireless LAN. While conducting an inspection,  you have the option to stream live images and videos on a smartphone or tablet. You can also save all footage to an SD card for reviewing at a later time.  

[Translate to International:] Focus using joystick and touchscreen
Individual Control of Sharpness

The focus function via touch screen or joystick makes it possible to precisely control the depth of focus. A simple tip on the joystick ensures a precise, crystal clear image on the screen. Additional settings and extras, such as the touch screen keyboard, are accessable by tapping the touchscreen monitor.

1 Camera – 2 Displays

With the Wöhler Video Inspection App, you can use your smartphone or tablet as a second display. The camera transmits all image and video data to it via WLAN. Your colleague or customer can then follow the entire video inspection, even if he is positioned at the end of the inspected pipe.

  • Display of live images in the app
  • Image settings of the camera, e.g. brightness, can also be made via the app
  • Easy sending of image and video files to own office address, customer, insurance company, etc.
  • Automatically generated inspection report for documentation and proof of possible damage

Some things you've never seen. Until now.

Whether behind walls, in pipes or products – sometimes the devil is in the details. With Wöhler’s video inspection systems, you can finally see clearly and take immediate action..

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Recommended Accessories
for camera heads Ø 26 / 40 mm
Product ID 7430
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for Wöhler VIS 700
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for VIS 700 HD Cameras
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for Wöhler Camera Head Ø 40mm
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Please note: As soon as you watch the video, information about it is transmitted to YouTube. You can find more information about this under read more
Product comparison


VIS 250

VIS 350

VIS 500 

VIS 700 HD

Pan and tilt camera head 1.5"





Color camera head 1" dia

optional & interchangeable

optional & interchangeable

optional & interchangeable






720 x 576p

720 x 576p

720 x 576p

1280 x 720p (HD)

Comment Function





Keyboard integrated in case

Keyboard integrated in case

Control pad on monitor unit

Joystick / Touchscreen

Anti slide stand

Optional anti slide mat

Optional anti slide mat

Integrated anti-slide pads

Integrated anti-slide pads

Adjustable focus




Object distance measurement function




Push rod distance counter

Voice recording



via optional headset

Display position and angle


Video & Photo recording

4 GB SD memory card

4 GB SD memory card

4 GB internal memory or optional USB-stick

8 GB internal memory or optional USB-stick

Home function


Transmitter in camera head

Wohler VIS app incl. report function



Operating time

2 x 2 hours

2 x 2 hours

6 hours

4 hours

different configurations possible



Removable camera rod



All properties
HD touchscreen

razor sharp recordings from any perspective

Optics pan 360° and tilt 180°

even the smallest amount of damage is viewable

Motor driven focus

adjustable with joystick

Record and store photos and videos

on the 32 GB SD card for documentation and archiving purposes

Transmitter integrated in camera head

makes it possible to precisely locate the camera head

Electronically determined position and angle

of the camera head shown on the display

Home function

aligns the camera head to a straight forward position

Brightly illuminating color camera head

easily negotiates tight bends


Pinpoint damage repairs to pipelines

Fully equipped mobile solution

in a rugged twinwall hard case

Electronic distance counter

displays position on monitor

Battery operating time of 4 hours

with a rechargeable Li-ion battery

Comments function

Features voice recording and touch screen keyboard for typed notes

Fast cleaning

Fast and effective cleaning of the camera rod

Additional Information
for visual inspection of flues, vents and water pipes

Scope of delivery:

Wöhler VIS 700 monitor unit with 7" HD TFT widescreen colour monitor incl. 2 m connection cable

Glare shield

Lithium-ion battery

Wöhler HD pan/tilt camera head Ø 40, detachable

Camera rod 8.6 x 5.6 mm - 30 m long (removable for cleaning)

3 spare plastic domes

1 anti-slip mat

USB mains charger EU with USB-C cable
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It is advisable to check flue gas lines/chimney stacks at regular intervals. A visual inspection is a particularly suitable method to determine if the flue gas pipe needs to be cleaned, if the cleaning was successful or if there are any defects in need of repair. Visual inspections are also helpful when renovating or installing a flue gas system, for instance, to visibly inspect crimped seals in flue gas systems.