Wöhler VE 400 HD-Video-Endoscope

HD Probe 1m, Ø 5,5 mm, view 0° / 90°
Order no. 6920

Wöhler VE 400 HD-Video-Endoscope

The Wöhler VE 400 HD video endoscope is ideally suited for HD inspection of inaccessible cavities through smallest openings from Ø 6 mm (e.g. tile cross). Further areas of application are e.g. pre-wall installations, fireplaces, combustion chambers, connecting pieces, sinks or drain pipes, as the camera head is waterproof (protection class IP 72). With its Ø 5.5 mm, the endoscope is also suitable for inspecting inspection openings and fire dampers.

Recommended Accessories
for Wöhler VE 400/ VE 320
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Ø 5,5 mm / 1 m / 90°
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Ø 8,5 mm / 3 m for VE 400
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All properties
Large 5" HD color display

Torch with LEDs

for illumination of the inspection surrounding

Picture and video recording

on SD card

Different probes possible

Ø 3.9 mm probe & Ø 5.5 mm side view probe

Additional Information
Scope of delivery:
Wöhler VE 400 HD-Video-Endoscope
HD-Video-Endoscope-probe 0° / 90° / Ø 5,5 mm / 1 m
lithium-ion battery
micro SD card 16 GB
micro USB charger
extension cable 1,5m
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