Wöhler GS 300 Gas Sniffer

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    Wöhler GS 300 Gas Sniffer
    Wöhler GS 300 Gas Sniffer

    Wöhler GS 300 Gas Sniffer

    Whether cracks in the line or outdated seals: Even the smallest leaks in natural gas lines can cause major problems. Once a leak has been detected, e.g. with a gas leak detector, the gas tracker helps to locate the gas leak. This way, leaks, which often occur at the connection points and at the consumer connection, can be precisely located. In addition to the serviceability test on gas lines, the inspection of the visible part of a gas installation can thus be carried out easily, quickly and reliably.


    • 440mm gooseneck to reach hard-to-reach places
    • Can be used for natural gas and liquid gas
    • easy visible display with illumination
    • optional with battery & charger


    All properties
    Quick & Safe

    Highly sensitive and quick responsive Gas Sniffer

    Flashlight function

    Additional LED lighting turns on automatically in dark places

    gas concentration via bar graph

    In twelve levels from 0 to 1,200 ppm

    Acoustic signal & vibration alarm

    To display even the smallest leaks

    Gooseneck 440 mm

    headphone jack

    for acoustic signal

    Additional Information
    for tightness control and leakage detection of gas lines carrying combustible gases

    Scope of delivery:
    Wöhler GS 300 Gas Sniffer
    Gooseneck 440 mm
    Plastic case
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