Wöhler DP 600 Leakage Tester

International Version
Order no. 2678
  • Tightness testing with lea kage rates up to 200.00 m³/h
  • Tightness testing of all chimney classes and flue gas systems
  • Tightness testing of flue gas systems of combined heat and power plants
  • Confirmation of a sufficient combustion air supply according to TRGI sheet G 625 (simple and detailed procedure)
  • Stove tightness testing
  • Tightness testing is also possible with negative pressure
Additional Information
for tightness testing of chimneys and flue gas systems and for 4 Pa-test
Scope of supply:
Wöhler DP 600
mains cable EU plug
adapters for all tightness tests of fluegas systems
plastic case
- comes without sealing bladders and elements
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