Wöhler DP 600 Leakage Tester

tightness testing of chimneys & flue gas
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Wöhler DP 600 Leakage Tester

  • Tightness testing with lea kage rates up to 200.00 m³/h
  • Tightness testing of all chimney classes and flue gas systems
  • Tightness testing of flue gas systems of combined heat and power plants
  • Confirmation of a sufficient combustion air supply according to TRGI sheet G 625 (simple and detailed procedure)
  • Stove tightness testing
  • Tightness testing is also possible with negative pressure
Tightness testing of all chimney classes and flue gas systems

The Wöhler DP 600 checks the tightness of exhaust ducts and chimneys. The menu enables the user to select between the different installation types. The Wöhler DP 600 regulates automatically the pressure which is necessary for the flue gas systems type P1 (exhaust ducts), H1 (combined heat and power plants, exhaust ducts with high pressure), N1 and N2 (chimneys) and determines the leakage rate automatically.
It also disposes of a variable mode which allows the user to select the test pressure and the leakage rate. This way, tightness tests of ventilation systems or flue gas systems type P2 or H2 are also possible. A thermal fast printer can print all results.

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Confirmation of a sufficient combustion air supply

New: Also suitable for the confirmation of a sufficient combustion air supply according to DVGW 625 („simple procedure“ and „detailed procedure“) with the necessary differential pressure test (4 Pa test). No auxiliary measuring instrument will be necessary.
The Wöhler DP 600 simulates the combustion air inlet of a fireplace. After the user has entered the capacity of the fireplace, the Wöhler DP 600 will produce automatically the corresponding volume flow which passes through the chimney and will  register the pressure progression in the room.

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All properties
Tightness testing

with leakage rates up to 200.00 m³/h

Extended pressure range

up to ±7,000 Pa

Tightness classes preset

for flue gas systems N, P and H according to EN 1443

4 / 8 Pa-Test

without any auxiliary measuring instrument

Variable mode

with freely selectable pressure and leakage limit value

Integrated memory

for up to 100 measurement records

USB interface

for the PC

IrDA interface

for the printer

Additional Information
for tightness testing of chimneys and flue gas systems and for 4 Pa-test
Scope of supply:
Wöhler DP 600
mains cable EU plug
adapters for all tightness tests of fluegas systems
plastic case
- comes without sealing bladders and elements
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Leakage testing of exhaust gas systems
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Leakage testing of exhaust gas systems

Heating systems using low-temperature or condensing technology are generating fewer and fewer exhaust gas losses. The reduction of exhaust gas losses is linked to the reduction of the exhaust gas temperature. However, low flue gas temperatures can mean that the flue gases no longer have sufficient energy to escape through the chimney or flue gas line to the outside. To ensure that the heating system nevertheless works properly, the exhaust gases must be transported outside with the aid of blowers or fans. This creates an overpressure within the exhaust system. Any leaks in the exhaust pipes would therefore lead to toxic flue gases escaping into the room air. It is therefore advisable to carry out a leak test of the exhaust system.