Wöhler BC 600 Blower Check

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Wöhler BC 600 Blower Check

The new Blower Door measuring device Wöhler BC 600 Blower Check can do everything thanks to its large air flow range. The high-precision sensor technology ensures that the required measuring accuracy is reliably maintained.

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Innovative and time-saving installation concept
  1. Attach sealing canvas to the fan unit. 
  2. Clamp telescopic bar of the fan unit into the window or door frame.
  3. Fix sealing canvas with special clamps to the window or door frame.
Blower Door measurement via Smartphone and Tablet

The free Wöhler BC 600 app allows you to control your Blower Check easily from your end device - smartphone or tablet. The remote control via app provides freedom of movement and also offers the possibility to conveniently store all your measurement data in a measurement protocol and send it directly to your customer.

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Blower Door Measurement 

The special clamp system allows the fan unit and sealing canvas to be installed tightly in windows or doors with just a few simple hand movements, even in difficult installation situations. If the door frame is still missing, the sealing canvas is simply attached to the optionally available installation frame. Negative and positive pressure measurements can then be carried out directly one after the other in a time-saving manner without having to change the measuring arrangement, because the fan automatically changes the direction of movement. The system is controlled via the Wöhler BC 600 app, which you can download free of charge to your smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS, Windows). You only have to carry your mobile device instead of a heavy, wired control unit. All measurement data is then transferred there via WLAN. The measurement sequences specified in the relevant standards EN ISO 9972 and EN 13829 are stored in the app, so that the Wöhler BC 600 can carry out the standard-compliant measurement fully automatically and a fast and correct measurement process is ensured. Manual operation is still possible at any time if required. After a change in the measuring standard, the user only has to update the app, so that the conformity of the measurements to the standard is guaranteed in the long run. If only a leakage search is to be carried out, no control device is required. The Wöhler BC 600 regulates independently to the desired differential pressure. The actual status is then signalled by the lighting of the push buttons.

All properties
Completely on site

Complete measurement, evaluation and documentation

Innovative and time-saving installation concept

For windows and doors

Fully automatic Blower Door measurement

Compliant with standards

No turning of the device necessary

Negative and positive pressure measurements

Intuitive handling

Directly on the device or via the Wöhler BC 600 App

Large air flow range

15 m³/h to 6000 m³/h without additional orifices or flow rings

Reliable differential pressure measurement

Thanks to capillary tubes, even in difficult weather conditions

Android & iOS

Compatible with Android and iOS

Test report & certificate

According to ISO 9972 / EN 13829 & country-specific standards

Fast, easy updates

Always up to date

Additional Information

Scope of delivery

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Blower-door-test - measuring the airtightness of a building
Further topics:

An airtight building envelope prevents condensation or structural damage and heat loss through uncontrolled ventilation. In addition, compliance with the air tightness limit values is a requirement for cost savings. This can be determined by the Blower Door measurement (air tightness measurement).

The Blower Door measurement is a pressure difference measurement in which the influence of the wind at wind force 5 on a building is simulated. This corresponds approximately to the conditions on a stormy autumn day. The air exchange rate is determined and leaks in the building envelope are documented.

The measuring methods are described in EN 13829 and EN ISO 9972 and differ in the building preparation:

The building envelope is tested to prove that it meets the country-specific requirements. All openings to the outside are sealed (e.g. cat flaps, window rebate ventilators, exhaust air openings, fume extraction system,... etc.).

For example in order to prove the requirements according to the German GEG (Building-Energy-Law), the building is checked in its state of use. Here, openings that can be closed are closed, but not additionally sealed. All other openings in the building envelope remain unchanged.

With the Wöhler BC 600 Blower Door measuring device, the fully automatic measuring procedure according to EN ISO 9972 or EN 13829 in the entire volume flow range from 15 m³/h to 6000 m³/h is done in no time at all without changing the measuring orifice.