Boiler Brushes

Boiler Brushes

Boiler brushes are available in different materials and sizes. Please check the download section below for further information.

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Boiler Brushes

The Boiler Brushes is available in different versions and can therefore offer the perfect solution for many applications.

Ø 100 mm, with M5 thread
Order no. 14610
Flat wire 1.25 x 0.25 mm, thread M10
Order no. 1610
3 mm Ø, thread M10
Order no. 1726
with internal thread M10
Order no. 1630
with external thread M10
Order no. 1677
Stainless Steel, Crimped Wire with M10
Order no. 1573
Polyamid, thread M10
Order no. 1574
Polyamid, thread M10
Order no. 1596
Stainless steel wire, crimped, M10
Order no. 1607
with 1 m handle
Order no. 1653
with grub screw M10
Order no. 1676
with 1 m handle
Order no. 1659
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