Wöhler A 450 CO+NO

10,000 ppm Co-Sensor and 3,000 NO-Sensor
Order no. 5341

Wöhler A 450 CO+NO

This is where Wöhler excels: A reasonably priced flue gas analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions. A small and lightweight flue gas analyzer enclosed in an eye-catching, robust housing. The Wöhler A 450 is a handheld device with a user friendly touchscreen. Simply display all measurement data on the large screen, or connect the device and view the results on your mobile devices.
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10 rolls
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for Wöhler A 450 / A 550
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Product Features

Wöhler A 450 L
Flue Gas Analyzer
5.000 ppm

Wöhler A 450 L
Flue Gas Analyzer
100.000 ppm

Wöhler A 450
Flue Gas Analyzer
10.000 ppm

Wöhler A 450 H
Flue Gas Analyzer
10.000 ppm

 Article no. 4503 JArticle no. 4672 JArticle no. 5181 JArticle no. 7165 J
Setting tasks gas/ oil systems

Burner adjustement assistant

Possible sensors3333
5" color touchscreen

1.000 measurement data sets

Wireless LAN

USB & Infrared

Warranty24 months24 months48 months48 months
Device sensor diagnostics

Sensor replacement

Visual filter monitor

Rechargeable lithium ion batteryup to 6 hours operating timeup to 6 hours operating timeup to 17 hours operating timeup to 17 hours operating time
CO sensor5.000 ppm100.000 ppm10.000 ppm10.000 ppm (Hcompensated)
Osensor0 ... 21%0 ... 21%0 ... 21%0 ... 21%
NO sensoroptional 3.000 ppmoptional 3.000 ppmoptional 3.000 ppmoptional 3.000 ppm
USB battery charger

All properties
Flue Gas Analysis App

Chart of all parameters

Automatic calculation

620 g



Thermometer and manometer

Additional Information
Scope of supply:
Wöhler A 450 with 10,000 ppm CO sensor (not H2 compensated) and 3,000 ppm NO sensor
WIFI, USB and IR interface
probe 250 mm with 1.5 m hose
USB charger with micro USB cable
LI-ION battery 3.6 V / 6700 mAh
25 cotton filters

48 months warranty
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