Wöhler CDL Series

CO<sub>2</sub> Measuring device

CO2 Measuring device

The Wöhler CDL 210 CO2 data logger and the Wöhler CDL 110 CO2 data monitor are CO2 measuring devices (colloquially also called CO2 traffic light) for continuous monitoring of the carbon dioxide concentration (in ppm) and other air quality factors.

Determination of the indoor air quality through combination of measurement and identification of:

  • The CO2-concentration
  • The air temperature
  • The air humidity
For CO2-monitoring of:
  • Housing spaces (comfortableness, humidity problems, etc.)
  • Conference rooms and lounges (e.g. schools)

Acoustical and visual alarm function

With adjustable limit

Data logger

Comfort level indicator

With adjustable alarm values

CO2 measuring device for buildings

A comfortable indoor climate is important in rooms where people are present, such as living rooms, schools, offices and public facilities. For this reason, the CO2 measuring device prompts you visually and acoustically to ventilate. The CO2 data logger function (continuous measurement) allows the measured values to be stored over any period of time. The collected data can then be visualized and evaluated in the software.

Due to the exact measured values of CO2 concentration, air temperature and humidity, the CO2 measuring device is also suitable for monitoring commercial, agricultural and industrial plants. Also the natural air exchange of a building can be determined by using carbon dioxide (CO2) injections as tracer gas (trace gas measurement / indicator gas measurement). 

CO2 traffic light

Fresh air against virus-laden aerosols 

Good air quality ensures that the aerosol concentration is as low as possible, as the virus-laden aerosols are diluted. In a healthy room climate, one speaks of CO2 concentrations below 1000 ppm. With the Wöhler CDL 210, in contrast to a simple CO2 traffic light, you always have a close eye on the room climate and the corresponding limit values. The adjustable alarm function reminds you of the supply of fresh air. Thus the spread of viruses (e.g. the corona virus) in closed rooms can be prevented. If required, the logger function can also be used for sustainable documentation in connection with a hygiene concept. 


Acoustical and visual alarm function

With adjustable limit

Data logger

Comfort level indicator

With adjustable alarm values

Large display

To show CO₂, air humidity, air temperature, date / time

Max / Min-values

Automatic calibration function

Non-volatile memory

Wöhler CDL series CO2 Measuring device
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CO2 measurement of ambient air

In addition to oxygen, room air also contains other gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as bacteria, fungal spores and aerosols. The CO2 content is an indicator for the quality of the room air. This gas is produced during the combustion of fossil fuels and also in the organism of living beings. Humans breathe out aerosols and CO2 continuously.  When people stay in a closed room, the composition of the air inevitably changes when they exhale. A high CO2 content in the air leads to lack of concentration, tiredness and headaches. In a good indoor climate, the CO2 concentration should be below 1,000 ppm. Natural fresh air contains about 400 ppm CO2. By frequent ventilation, not only the CO2 content is reduced, but also the virus-laden aerosols in the room air are diluted.  This can prevent the spread of viruses (e.g.: the Corona Virus Sars-CoV-2) in closed rooms.

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