SF 300

Dust Collector

SF 300

For simple and effective cleaning of ventilation lines up to 300 mm Ø. The Dust Collector creates strong negative pressure to extract dirt and dust particles directly during the cleaning process.

Powerful cleaning

With a suction capacity of 1.000 m³/h of air, the SF 300 dust collector is a useful aid for the extraction of dirt from air ducts. The device can be easily transported and it can be set up vertically or horizontally depending on the cleaning task. The flexible spiral hoses can also be extended for remote positioning without great effort. For a proper compressed-air or brush cleaning, a continuous suction of the loosened dirt with the dust collector is necessary.

strong negative pressure

to extract dirt and dust particles directly during the cleaning process

Simultaneous connection of 2 hoses possible

Easy to transport and simple set up

Hose extension

for hard to reach vents

Wöhler SF 300 Dust Collector
Set with 5 m hose Ø 200 mm
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Cleaning of a ventilation system / air duct with compressed air

The regular inspection and cleaning of ventilation systems guarantees the owner a perfect hygienic and technical condition of his ventilation system and can also contribute to energy savings. Contamination of the ventilation ducts leads to discrepancies in air flow, which has an effect on the indoor climate and thus on the indoor air quality.

If the volume flows calculated according to the ventilation concept are no longer achieved, the fan power is often simply increased, resulting in additional energy consumption. This is not inevitable. One solution for cleaning small rectangular or round air ducts is compressed air cleaning using the Wöhler helicopter nozzle.

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