Wöhler VE 200


  • For inspection of inaccessible cavities from 20 mm in diameter (for example: roof insulation, exhaust pipes, sinks, fireplaces)
  • Transmission of image and video data via wireless (WiFi) on laptop, tablet PC or Smartphone
    Wöhler VE 200 HD-Video-Endoscope
    Wöhler VE 200 HD-Video-Endoscope

    Variable light intensity for illumination of cavities

    Snapshot and Video Functions

    Direct forwarding of data

    No further data transmission necessary

    Wireless LAN

    Transmission of image and video data on laptop, tablet PC or Smartphone

    1,2 m gooseneck

    Wöhler VE 200 HD-Video-Endoscope
    Training &
    • qualified
    • practice-oriented
    • technophile
    Visual inspection of smaller wastewater lines

    Smaller, in-house wastewater lines, for example the pipes leading away from a sink can easily become blocked by hair, cooking grease and the buildup of limescale. In addition, drainpipes can get stuck due to subsidence, which is causing a pocket of water to form. Solid material then builds up in the pocket of water and prevents wastewater draining away.

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