Wohler Rotary Viper Vent

Wohler Rotary Viper Vent

Effective cleaning of dryer vents, duct and piping.

Extremely flexible shaft

Small end piece

Also applicable for smaller bends

Can be operated with battery driven drill

CW / CCW rotation

Wöhler Rotary Viper Vent

The Wöhler Rotary Viper Vent is available in different versions and can therefore offer the perfect solution for many applications.

10 m
Order no. 4866
5 m
Order no. 4832
15 m
Order no. 4880
3 m
Order no. 4867
Set, 5 m
Order no. 7511
1.5 m long
Order no. 4882
Training &
  • qualified
  • practice-oriented
  • technophile
Cleaning of ventilation systems / air ducts with brushes

To ensure a good technical and hygienic condition of a ventilation system, it must be cleaned regularly. On the basis of the visual inspection of the ventilation system it is decided whether brush cleaning of the ventilation system or compressed air cleaning is suitable.

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