Wöhler Mini Viper S

Order no. 2028

Wöhler Mini Viper S

Perfect tool to clean flue gas systems, chimneys as well as ducts and pipeworks


With resistant PA coat and distance marking

Very light weigth

Only 720 grams

Very small diameter

only 28 cm

Ergonomic shape

Belt clips

Left and right

Additional Information
GRP Rod 4.5 mm, 15 m stainless steel end piece M5, guidance adapter and protection tube (without stars)
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Cleaning of ventilation systems / air ducts with brushes
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Cleaning of ventilation systems / air ducts with brushes

To ensure a good technical and hygienic condition of a ventilation system, it must be cleaned regularly. On the basis of the visual inspection of the ventilation system it is decided whether brush cleaning of the ventilation system or compressed air cleaning is suitable.

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