Wöhler VE 400


Video Endoscope
The Wöhler VE 400 HD video endoscope is ideally suited for HD inspection of inaccessible cavities through smallest openings from Ø 6 mm (e.g. tile cross). Further areas of application are e.g. pre-wall installations, fireplaces, combustion chambers, connecting pieces, sinks or drain pipes, as the camera head is waterproof (protection class IP 72). With its Ø 5.5 mm, the endoscope is also suitable for inspecting inspection openings and fire dampers.
Large 5" HD color display

Torch with LEDs

for illumination of the inspection surrounding

Picture and video recording

on SD card

Different probes possible

Ø 3.9 mm probe & Ø 5.5 mm side view probe

Wöhler VE 400 HD-Videoscope
with HD-Video-Endoscope-probe 0° / 90°
Order no. 6920
with 1m HD probe Ø 3,9 mm
Order no. 6930
Training &
  • qualified
  • practice-oriented
  • technophile
Visual inspection of smaller wastewater lines

Smaller, in-house wastewater lines, for example the pipes leading away from a sink can easily become blocked by hair, cooking grease and the buildup of limescale. In addition, drainpipes can get stuck due to subsidence, which is causing a pocket of water to form. Solid material then builds up in the pocket of water and prevents wastewater draining away.

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