Wöhler A 550


Flue Gas Analyzer

Built for the toughest environments and the most difficult conditions, but as handy as a smartphone – that‘s the all new Wöhler flue gas analyzer A 550 Industrial. From coal power plants to high temperature industrial processes, the Wöhler A 550 Industrial will always provide measurement results at the highest accuracy.

Portable Flue Gas Analyzer with superior accuracy

No matter how you look at it, the new Wöhler A 550 INDUSTRIAL really is a „nifty piece of equipment“: The individual functions can be launched as intuitively as using a smartphone via the large 7" color touchscreen. And the brightly lit monitor can be read anywhere. The large screen, the clear arrangement and the graphical presentation of readings allow excellent readability.

High temperature probe up to 1.200°C

With our new high temperature probe you can perform measurements in environments with a temperature up to 1.200°C. The high variety of different sensors makes the instrument suitable for all your applications.

Battery-driven Peltier cooler

The new battery-driven Peltier cooler ensures both accurate NOX and SOX readings and off-grid flexibility. Filtering the flue gas right behind the probe the Peltier cooler prepares the gas so only dry flue gas will enter the device for a reliable and stable measurement.

1) Except for thermocouples, rechargeable batteries and special sensors; for further information please see our terms and conditions.
Choose your version:
 Ready for measurement
(Order No. 2948)
Configurable basic version
(Order No. 2947)
Wöhler A 550 INDUSTRIAL Flue Gas Analyzer
Peltier cooler
O2 / COH (100.000ppm)
Gas probe 1.000 mm with stainless steel
sinter-filter (up to 800°C)
High temperature probe 1.000 mm
for measurements (up to 1.200°C)
Probe extension 1.000 mm (up to 1.200°C)
Heat protective shield
 = included |  = optional

24 month warranty¹

without maintenance contract

Up to 1200° C

reliable measurements at very high temperatures

Exchangeable sensors

O₂, CO high, CO₂ NDIR, NO, NOx, SOx, H₂S

7" color touchscreen

Displays up to 14 measurement and calculation values

Simple to use

Switch on – read off – done

Up to 5 Sensors at a time

Choice of 8 parameters in total


easily accessible

Dust and condensate protection

Data transfer

Via USB, Bluetooth® or Infrared

Wöhler A 550 APP INT

for Android

1,000 measurement records

Adjustable measurement sequence

Wöhler A 550 Flue Gas Analyzer
with O2 / COHigh / NO / NO2 / SO2
Order no. 2948
with O2 / COHigh
Order no. 2947
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