Wöhler A 450 (H)

Flue Gas Analyzer

Flue Gas Analyzer

This is where Wöhler excels: A reasonably priced flue gas analyzer that offers all measurement and tuning functions. A small and lightweight flue gas analyzer enclosed in an eye-catching, sturdy housing. The Wöhler A 450 is a handheld device with user friendly touchscreen control, displays all measurement data on screen or connect and view on your smart devices.

Compact with a full range of functions

The Wöhler A 450 Flue Gas Analyzer is compact and lightweight by design and is guaranteed to be user friendly. The menu consists of icons similar to those known from smartphones, you simply tap an icon to open the individual menu items.

Wöhler A 450 App

You are able to transmit all measurement data to a mobile device (smart-phones, tablets by Android and iOS) via Wireless LAN. These devices can then display the measurements as numerical values or as a graph in the Wöhler A 450 app. The app gives technicians the option of reading measurements already taken and also the ability to take new measurements through the app. This proves to be beneficial when measuring at points with poor accessibility. The measurement data can be saved in different formats and sent to the customer by email.

Sturdy and smart

The Wöhler A 450 flue gas analyzer is a well rounded tool that offers flue gas analysis, draft measurement, burner tuning guide, adjustment tasks on gas and oil systems and even solid fuel fireplaces.

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1) excludes thermocouple, rechargeable battery and optional NO sensor.
Product Comparison
A 450 H
48 month sensor and analyzer warranty1) 
CO sensor10,000 ppm
O2 sensor0,0 ... 21,0 vol.-%
Sensor replacement
Burner adjustment assistant
Setting tasks gas /oil systems
CO-Sensor H2-kompensiert 
Wireless LAN, infrared, USB
Rechargeable lithium ion batteryUp to 6 h operating time
Possible sensors3


24 or 48 months guarantee

without maintenance agreement¹

Large color touchscreen

Displays up to 14 measurement readings

Simple to use

Switch on – read off – done

Condensate protection

Multistage filter technology incl. water stop filter

Wöhler A 450 app included

Data transmission

By USB, Wireless LAN or infrared

Data Storage

Store up to 1,000 customer records

Rechargeable battery

Up to 17 h operating time with lithium ion power

Wöhler A 450 (H) Flue Gas Analyzer
10.000 ppm
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Basic Unit
Order no. 7165
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