Wöhler IQ 300 CO2-meter - New CO2 measuring device clearly calls for ventilation

The display of the Wöhler IQ 300 gives clear indications of the ventilation situation in the room.

The well-known measuring device specialist Wöhler has now developed and launched a CO2 traffic meter that meets the technical requirements of school authorities and clearly indicates when it is the right moment to ventilate. The Wöhler IQ 300 CO2 measuring device is therefore perfectly suited to assessing indoor air quality in classrooms, waiting rooms and workrooms and taking appropriate action.

Fresh air is the most effective way to counteract the transmission of viruses through aerosols. If a room does not have a ventilation system, it is crucial to open the windows at the right time to prevent the rooms from cooling down unnecessarily and still have fresh air in the room. The Wöhler IQ 300 CO2 measuring device provides precise information here. In fact, it evaluates the air quality at all times on the basis of measured data. An important factor for monitoring indoor air quality is the CO2 level.Through breathing, people release moisture and CO2 into the room air and, if they are ill, also viruses. A high CO2 level in the air therefore indicates an urgent need for ventilation, because if this value is high, it can be assumed that the air is also polluted with other substances. Scientific studies also show that concentration and well-being of room occupants decrease significantly with increasing CO2 level.


The Wöhler IQ 300 shows this value in the large display and evaluates it as good, normal or poor by using smiley icons. In addition, it shows the temperature and relative humidity of the room air. A trend indicator in the display shows how these values have developed over the last few hours or days, so that measures can also be planned on this basis. At the same time, the device warns via a bright traffic light LED bar as well as an alert tone when ventilation is required. The limit values for the warning functions are based on the technical rules for workplaces ASR and can additionally be set individually by the user very easily, e.g. to meet regional specifications in schools or employer-specific requirements in offices. If desired, users can also mute the alert tone, as the visual warning functions are quite sufficient. The Wöhler IQ 300 CO2 measuring device is therefore an inexpensive but effective helper for ensuring the best indoor air quality without wasting energy through unnecessary ventilation.

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