Product Series for Drain Cleaning

Small clogs in pipelines can be cleared without effort using the Wöhler PU 100 drain cleaning pump.

Wöhler Technik GmbH has launched a product series for drain cleaning. The sets contain cleaning machines with different spirals and cleaning cables and thus cover numerous applications in the domestic wastewater sector. The cables are pushed into the clogged pipe and made to rotate there by the machine.

The robust and powerful Wöhler RM 300 drain cleaning machine clears clogs in indoor and outdoor pipes.
In the Wöhler RM 400 drain cleaning machine, the spiral is firmly integrated in the drum, so that plumbers can work cleanly and particularly comfortably.

Depending on the application and preferred method of operation, you can choose between three drain cleaning machines and a drain cleaning pump. The accessories are largely compatible among the machines, which makes the system even more flexible. Four different drill attachments are available, which simply snap onto the cleaning spiral. The installer then selects the appropriate attachment (paper, grease, sludge, etc.) depending on the type of contamination.

Light blockages in pipelines can be cleared without effort using the Wöhler PU 100 pipe cleaning pump. Three easy-to-change adapters for different drains and an adjustable handle ensure flexible application options and easy handling.

The Wöhler RM 200 drain cleaning machine is the smallest and lightest product in the range. It solves blockages in inner pipes of Ø 40 to 100 mm without any problems. The cleaning spirals Ø 16 mm are clicked together as required, so that a working length of up to 40 m is available. In order to be able to work cleanly in hygienically sensitive work areas (e.g. kitchen), a spiral adapter can be used with the Wöhler RM 200 pipe cleaning machine. The 5 m long spiral included in the adapter has a diameter of 8 mm. It is therefore ideal for small pipes such as kitchen drains. The spiral is rolled up and unrolled directly in the adapter container, so that the working environment remains clean. 

The Wöhler RM 300 drain cleaning machine is even more flexible. With an output of 570 watts, it easily clears blockages in both inner and outer drains from Ø 40 to 150 mm. Three different spiral diameters (8 mm, 16 mm and 22 mm) ensure that the optimum thickness can be selected for each pipe. A spiral adapter, as with the Wöhler RM 300, is also included in the scope of delivery.

The Wöhler RM 400 pipe cleaning machine offers even more convenience. Here, the spiral is permanently integrated into a drum and does not have to be carried along additionally. This means that transport, assembly and pipe cleaning can be carried out cleanly and quickly. The machine including the spiral drum is pulled on wheels like a trolley. During pipe cleaning, the installer only has to press a foot pedal to drive the spiral into the pipe by auto feed.

Service around damage location and repair

As a manufacturer of inspection cameras, Wöhler has been involved in damage location and analysis in pipelines for decades. With its new product line, the company now offers plumbers the tools they need to rectify any blockages they find straight away, so that the end customer does not have to hire yet another service provider. 

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