Ensuring the efficiency of existing heating systems


Tradesmen and consumers are well aware that Europe is facing major heating challenges in the coming winter. Gas is scarce and expensive, so industry and private households will have to cut their consumption seriously. Not to mention the extent of climate change, which in turn requires CO2 emissions to be drastically reduced. For this reason, building owners today generally opt for heat pumps in new buildings.

By far the greater proportion of people live in existing buildings, and this is where the challenge lies. In fact, every second heating system in Germany was still operated with gas last year. This is shown by data from the German Association of Energy and Water Industries (BDEW). Despite all efforts, it will be decades before these fireplaces are replaced by alternative heat generators. In most older buildings, major conversion work must be carried out before a heat pump can be installed, for example because there is no underfloor heating or sufficient insulation. Even if the homeowners have sufficient financial resources to do this, they often do not have any skilled tradesmen available at present who can carry out the job.

Against this background, correct adjustment of the heating system is more important than ever, because it helps to reduce fuel consumption and - very importantly - emissions. This requires the most complete possible combustion is necessary. For this reason, the heating specialist ensures first that the combustion process is as complete as possible by adjusting the excess air value lambda to ensure that sufficient air is supplied to the combustion process. If too little or too much air is supplied, the combustion will not be complete and soot and carbon monoxide (CO) may be produced. A quick orientation for combustion is provided by the heating engineer by looking at the measured value display of the exhaust gas measuring device.

The display of the Wöhler A 450 L is especially large and bright, so that all measured values are displayed at a glance. If, for example, the exhaust gas loss QA or CO value is too high, the installer should use the "adjustment aid" to check and adjust the air supply so that the combustion runs optimally again. For this purpose, the Wöhler A 450 L offers a separate "Setting aid" button, which the user can use - similar to a smartphone - to open the corresponding function. It couldn't be easier!

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