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Application knowledge around the topic of measurement technology

Here you will find helpful knowledge about applications around measurement technology.


Industrial flue gas analysis

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Industrial flue gas analysis is a legal requirement in many countries, but it also makes sense to analyze flue gases without an official obligation to measure. The list of…

Leakage testing of exhaust gas systems

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Heating systems using low-temperature or condensing technology are generating fewer and fewer exhaust gas losses. The reduction of exhaust gas losses is linked to the reduction of…


CO measurement of the room air

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The CO as well as the CO2 content in the room air can lead to a lack of concentration, tiredness, headaches and even death. CO is produced, for example, by insufficient combustion…

CO2 measurement of ambient air

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In addition to oxygen, room air also contains other gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) as well as bacteria, fungal spores and aerosols. The CO2 content is an indicator for the…

Volume flow measurement on air outlets (funnel measurement)

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In order to ensure good indoor air quality, sufficient air volume flows in accordance with the design and planning data of the ventilation system are particularly important.…

Leakage testing of ventilation systems / air duct systems

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When considering the energy efficiency of ventilation systems, the leakage test of ventilation systems is an important point. If there are leaks in the air ducts of the air…


Blower-door-test - measuring the airtightness of a building

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An airtight building envelope prevents condensation or structural damage and heat loss through uncontrolled ventilation. In addition, compliance with the air tightness limit values…

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