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Application knowledge around the topic of inspection technology

Here you will find helpful knowledge about applications around inspection technology.

Camera inspection of exhaust gas lines

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It is advisable to check flue gas lines/chimney stacks at regular intervals. A visual inspection is a particularly suitable method to determine if the flue gas pipe needs to be…

Camera inspection of ventilation systems

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Many of the ventilation systems installed in countless buildings are so dirty they represent a fire and hygiene risk.

Camera inspection of a drainpipe

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Even through normal usage, sewage and drainage pipes e.g. in kitchen or bathroom can become clogged very quickly. With an inspection camera these blockages and defects can be…

Camera inspection of a house connection pipe

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House connection pipes are inaccessible drainpipes buried under ground or routed through the base plate of the house to drain wastewater to the sewer connection. The sewer…

Camera inspection of a chimney stack from the rooftop

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Using an inspection camera it is possible to quickly display the insides of a flue gas system in good quality. An easily operable, portable video inspection camera simplifies the…

Building leak detection using a fog spray gun or a smoke pen

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Leaks in the building envelope cause damage to the building and a loss of energy. Consequently, it is reasonable to localize critical weak points in both new and existing buildings…

Visual inspection of smaller wastewater lines

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Smaller, in-house wastewater lines, for example the pipes leading away from a sink can easily become blocked by hair, cooking grease and the buildup of limescale. In addition,…

Inspection of a duct system with an endoscope

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Energy efficiency is important now more than ever. With the cost of electricity and fossil fuels on the raise, and building materials at an all-time high, it is imperative to make…

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