Best practice projects

Here you will find an overview of samples of joint marketing collaborations. These are successful marketing campaigns or business strategies that have been implemented by other dealers.
This may inspire and inform you about potential marketing campaigns you could implement for your business. Learn from other successful businesses and improve your own operations together with us!


As a dealer, it is of great importance that you stay up to date with your Webshop and that you can always present the latest products and information.

Our WRP portal gives you access to an image platform where you can find the latest product images and application images as well as videos. You can easily embed these images and/or videos on your website, giving your customers an even better insight into Wöhler products.

But that's not all. We also help you to make your texts SEO-compliant. This means that we optimize your texts so that you can be found quickly on Google and thus attract more visitors to your website.

By working with us, you will therefore not only have access to the most up-to-date product images,  application images and important information but also better findability on Google. This can have a positive impact on your sales and give you a clear advantage over other retailers.

Don't hesitate and keep your Webshop up to date together with us!


A well-designed brochure can help capture customers' interest and encourage them to buy the products on offer. Not all retailers have the resources and expertise to create an appealing brochure. In this case, it can be very helpful to enlist the support of experts. At Wöhler we offer you exactly this kind of support.

We know how important it is to have a brochure that presents the benefits and features of the products in an appealing way. That's why we work closely with our dealers to make sure, that their brochures do just that.

Our experts can help you choosing the right imagery to showcase our Wöhler products. They can also help craft the text so it's easy to understand and compelling. This will ensure that the brochure makes the desired impact and persuades customers to buy the products.

Do not hesitate to ask for help in creating brochures, we at Wöhler will be happy to assist you!


Suitable both for display in your store and for mailing to potential customers, interestingly designed flyers are another important marketing tool that quickly and cost-effectively informs potential customers about Wöhler products and arouses initial interest, but also increases your profile as a dealer.


Work with us to design print mailings that are personalized and perfectly tailored to your customers' needs. We will help you to design the mailings Wöhler CI-compliant and to present both you as a dealer and our products in the best possible way to arouse the interest of your (potential) customers.