Depending on the timing of the test, our Wöhler products make it possible to detect leaks in air ducts, components and equipment during production or before system acceptance. Leak tests thus make an important contribution to quality assurance during production and assembly and thus to the energy efficiency of air conditioning and ventilation systems. However, it is important that the systems are always optimally adjusted and maintained.

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Highly accurate: Checking the tightness of ventilation systems, our systems will detect even the smallest leakage.


Inspecting air ventilation systems, our products will help you to improve their efficiency.


Maintenance is key. Our cleaning tools ensure ventilation systems to provide good air quality.


The Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester

Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester
Leakage Test on ventilation systems and components
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