To ensure an optimally functioning heating system, various function checks, adjustment and measurement work must be carried out on gas, oil and solid fuel systems during commissioning and at regular intervals. These include exhaust gas analyses, differential pressure measurements, leak detection and leak tests, flow and return temperature measurements, and CO environment measurements. 

With Wöhler's heating measurement solutions, you are ideally equipped for all measurement tasks in your everyday work - and do your job even more profesional, reliably and quickly.

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Our flue gas analysers will help you to improve the efficieny of burners by adjusting them, reducing costs and protecting the environment.


Our inspection systems will ensure optimal burning by inspecting the pre- and after-burning process.


We offer cleaning tools for every situation, ensuring a safe and efficient burning process.


The Wöhler A 450 Flue Gas Analyzer

Wöhler A 450
10,000 ppm Co-Sensor
Product ID 5181
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