Flue gas analysis in industrial installations often needs to be carried out in extreme conditions, involving high temperatures, high humidity or a high dust content in the flue gas, for example. Emission measurements are taken in resource- and energy-intensive processes, during which large quantities of emissions such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOX) or sulphur dioxide (SO2) are produced.

These emissions are subject to strict regulations in order to ensure that limit values are adhered to, and to optimize processes and methods. With a number of exhaust gas probes, sensors and special options such as automatic dilution or Peltier gas preparation, the exhaust gas analyzers from Wöhler were specially developed for extreme demands.

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Our flue gas analysers will help you to improve the efficiency of industrial plants, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

Suspended Particulate Analysis

Dust has become an important factor for burning processes. Our dust measurement system will help to reduce dust emission to a minimum.


Our inspection systems will ensure optimal burning by inspecting the pre- and after-burning-process.


The Wöhler A 550 Industrial 

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