In close cooperation with our customers, we develop and manufacture our measuring devices, inspection cameras and cleaning tools for the chimney sweeping trade. Thus, we offer our customers everything for chimney sweeping needs.

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Our flue gas analysers will help you to improve the efficiency of burners by adjusting them, reducing costs and protecting the environment.


Our inspection systems will ensure an optimal burning process, offering a visual feedback of the whole exhaust system.


We offer cleaning tools for every situation, ensuring a safe and efficient burning process.


The Wöhler Snap & Sweep

Wöhler Snap & Sweep ® Regular
Simple. Quick. Clean.
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Our Products
Wöhler DP 700 Leakage Tester
Leakage Test on ventilation systems and components
Wöhler BC 600 Blower Check
Fully automatic blower door measurement
Wöhler M 603 Leakage Tester
Measurements at gas lines, drinking water pipes and waste water pipes
Wöhler VIS 300 / 350 Service Camera
Uniquely clear view
Wöhler VIS 200 / 250 Service Camera
Clear view, when space is tight
Wöhler VIS 700 HD-Video Inspection System
Compact and Rugged High Definition Camera
Wöhler VIS 500 Inspection camera
Robust technology for every challenge
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